The stroller and seat have been used by one child for about 7 months, and are therefore in very good condition. Clean and from a smoke free home.
Lime green in colour for either boys or girls.
Stroller folds with a 5 point harness, and rear footboard for 2nd child.
Car seat has 5pnt harness, one hand release buckle. One hand unlatching from base or stroller. Base has latch system and is easy to level.
The infant seat is in near new condition, however the manufacturer's 5 year life will expire soon. This doesn't mean it will self destruct, crack, blow up, or otherwise harm a child. Being a quality item, it may even be safer than a newer less well built seat. Of course, the infant seat will still be of use indoors, for carrying your child, rocking, and is especially useful for a small child in the stroller. What you do, is up to you.
The base (not pictured) could of course be of use as a second base.