Looking for a fun way to start early communication with your baby?
Wee Sign! Baby Sign Language will be offering classes in HRM beginning in February.
Did you know that babies can use ASL-based gestures to begin to communicate their wants and needs as early as 6-8 months? Imagine your baby being able to initiate a "conversation" with you before he or she is a year old! What's more, studies show that babies who sign:
are less frustrated,
speak earlier and have larger vocabularies than babies who do not sign,
have a greater interest in books, and
enjoy broadened creativity and imagination.
All classes are taught by a Certified Baby Signing Time Instructor, educated in Level III ASL, Linguistics and first language acquisition. For more information about the benefits of Baby Sign Language, research, articles, or to reserve your place in a playclass, workshop or free seminar, please visit our website: